Jurassic Park represents an outstanding international scientific effort which has brought together frontier developments in genetic engin- eering, architecture, design and environmental science; enabling us to recreate each Dinosaur from genetic fossils, one nucleotide at a time.

This island laboratory has three climate-controlled biodomes, which recreate the environment of Earth during the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. Each biodome simu- lates the atmospheric makeup during these drastically different and alien periods of the planet's geological history.

The park is opening for one week, allowing a group explorers to expedition to our facility and encounter Dinosaurs. Starting on July ninth, one hundred and fifty people will have unpre- cedented access to our facilities, to learn the science behind our processes of genetic regene- ration and development.

Join The Expedition
  • Park Tour9 AM
  • Apatosaurus Hatching8 AM
  • T-Biodome Safari11 AM
  • J-Biodome Safari11 AM
  • GeneLab Tour9 AM
  • T. Rex Feeding9 AM
  • K-Biodome Safari11 AM
  • Eoraptor Feeding10 AM
  • TBA9 AM